Second Hand Uniforms/Books

Every Friday morning, 8.30 – 9.30am, the second hand book and uniform shop (along with lost property) is open for parents and students to purchase books and uniforms and claim lost property.

Parents can use this shop to sell books/uniform they no longer need and will receive 70% of the sale price back. (The rest goes to the Parents Association to assist with funding of specific school items that otherwise could not be purchased with the school budget.)

To sell a second hand item:

Please complete the attached form and bring the form along with the items to the office at any time.

To purchase a second hand item:

Come along any morning the shop is open or send your student in to see us.

The Belmont HS Parents Association will be having the annual second-hand BOOK sale in December. This will be an online sale via the Qkr! app. Further details will be provided shortly.
If you have books and uniform items that you would like to either donate or have us sell on your behalf, we are now taking collections. (Where we sell books or uniform on your behalf, the Parents Association take a 30% commission which goes directly back to the school.)
Books/uniform TO BE SOLD must be in a bag with the completed form (see attachment).
If you are donating items the form is not required. A list of the books which are able to be sold/bought second-hand is also included as an attachment.
All items can be dropped in to the school office by students – a collection box is provided at the Office.  Please note: any books that are not on the 2022 booklist will be considered a donation to PA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julie or Leanne at: