Year 7 Orientation Camp

Tanybryn Camp is situated on Wild Dog Road in the Otway Ranges, approximately 14km from Skenes Creek. Its surroundings are magnificent as it is situated on the divide between two large and richly forested river valleys that allow for a wide range of hikes and exploring activities. Walks are made to view waterfalls, fern glades and the large Mountain Ash forests.

Our camping program is firmly structured and designed to provide each student with new skills and challenging situations. We aim to give students experiences that help to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, initiative and cooperation with others to achieve solutions to challenges.

Students from Year 7 attend a camp each year as part of the on-going program. Special interest groups use the camp at other times. These may include special study groups, pastoral care groups and groups wishing to use the facilities whilst visiting other areas in the Otways. We hope that each student can attend the camp at least twice in his or her time at Belmont High School as it is considered part of the school program and of benefit and enjoyment to all.

Tanybryn camp has recently been through a building upgrade, with a new kitchen built on the south side of the recreation hall. Following renovation, the camp is now used extensively by both our own and other school
students. Additionally, in partnership with a private company, many other community groups and organisations are taking advantage of the unique setting. We are now looking to expand further with an additional accommodation wing.

The camp is a fabulous resource and with the upcoming changes will be a more comfortable place to stay providing many more years of wonderful memories forBelmont High School students.

The telephone number of Tanybryn camp is 5237 6780. Please keep this number for reference.