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Technology Arrangements Term 2 – 2020

Dear parents/guardians,
With the introduction of Flexible and Remote Learning in Term Two Belmont High School will be integrating
a number of online learning tools into our programs. To assist you in supporting your child with these
resources please find below a summary of these various tools your child may be engaging with during Term























































































How will our school protect privacy?
We will ensure that information is handled in accordance with the school’s policies. Please refer to our
school website for our Privacy Policy and other related policies. Students have
our Acceptable Use of IT agreement in their diaries – these rules apply whilst we are engaging in flexible and
remote learning.
If you have any concerns regarding use of any of the platforms outlined above, please email the school at
From time to time, external providers and programs may use platforms to engage with your students that
are not listed above. You will be notified in advance if this is the case.
How can our family be safe online all the time?
As your child will be spending more time online as part of learning from home, playing games and keeping in
touch with friends, you may wish to visit the eSafety Commissioner’s website for information on keeping
your child safe online at
We have taken precautions to ensure that your child is safe while using the systems for learning from home,
however, you can also assist by having conversations with your child about eSafety and by ensuring that your
child is comfortable raising any issues with you and their teacher.
How can I support my child during learning from home?
For more information and practical tips on how you can support your child while learning from home go to:
Learning from home information for parents:
How to access ‘Learning from Home’:
Video Conferencing Information sheet – for parents and students
At Belmont High School we will be using Cisco​ ​Webex Meetingsto facilitate video conferencing with our
students. This is an approved Department of Education platform and enables staff classroom discussions.
These conversations will cover the progress of your child’s schoolwork and their feedback on their
schoolwork. Teachers will have the ability to conference with students individually, in small groups or as a
whole class during scheduled lesson times. Students will be informed of an upcoming Webex Meeting
through their lesson plans with 24 hour notice.
How will teachers use video conferencing safely?
Teachers will ensure that any live classes on video conferencing systems are supervised to ensure:
only students and appropriate teaching staff are in the live class
discussions involving personal information are limited to only that which is needed
students behave and dress appropriately
live classes are not recorded by the teacher and must not be recorded by the student
How can I help my child use the video conferencing system safely?
1. Talk to your child about cyber safety and ensure they know to inform you and their teacher of any
unusual cyber activity or in the unlikely event they are approached by unknown persons online.
2. Help your child understand they should only participate in live video conferencing that the teacher
has invited them to join and immediately leave any live video chats with any unknown persons, and
to advise you and their teacher if this occurs.
3. Ensure your child’s workstation and surrounding work area is suitable and appropriate. This may
involve the use of headphones if you have them.
Video Conferencing using WebEx. Protocols for Students
Before you join:
Check your computer is charged and you have access to power.
Check your surroundings and background and do not sit in front of a window.
Protect your privacy, make sure any personal information is not visible and your background is plain.
Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing.
Ensure you have been to the bathroom and have had something to eat.
Make sure you have a headset or working microphone and speakers.
Make sure you have checked the lesson plan.
Check you have access to everything you need – pens, paper, textbooks.
Check you have the correct meeting codes 10 mins before the meeting begins.
Be on time to enter the meeting.
If you have a mobile phone – turn it off before you start the class.
Have a webcam cover (can be a post-it note, piece of tape, etc – which can hide the webcam from
view when not in a live video class
The school’s Acceptable Use Agreement applies to remote learning – make sure you are following
these rules and the school’s values at all times.
Let a teacher know of any unauthorised access to any class and about any other unusual or
inappropriate cyber activity.
During Session:
Mute your microphone on entrance to the meeting and mute when you are not speaking.
Use the raise your hand function when you want to contribute.
If you are called on, unmute your microphone and participate.
Be polite, kind and inclusive.
Complete any tasks necessary.
Ensure you participate and engage with your best effort.
Speak clearly and slowly so all can hear.
Be patient, respectful and helpful to others in the space.
After Session:
You may be asked to add to a chat or complete a reflection after the session.
Reflect on what worked well for your learning and how you can contribute further in the future.

The Premier Daniel Andrews and the Minister of Education, James Merlino, have now confirmed that Victorian Government schools will move to remote and flexible learning at the commencement of Term 2. We ask all families to complete this survey so that we are able to monitor and work towards providing all students with access to online learning.

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